Joint ECFA / DESY Study: Physics and Detectors for a Linear Collider
February to November 1996

ECFA announces joint working groups with DESY to study both the physics potential of an e+e- linear collider of 500 GeV or more C. of M. energy, and the conceptual design of the required detectors. The groups will be formed at a first workshop in Frascati 5-6 February 1996. There will be a second workshop in early July, and the results will be gathered together at a final workshop in November 1996 at DESY.

Four working groups will be set up, covering:

  1. Physics (including e+e-, real gamma-gamma and e-gamma); benchmark processes and generators.
    Conveners: J.-F. Grivaz, T. Sjoestrand, P. Zerwas
  2. Detector concepts; B field, hermeticity, tools, simulation etc.
    Conveners: M. Martinez, D. Miller, M. Piccolo
  3. Detector subsystems; vertexing, calorimetry, triggers etc.
    Conveners: M. Mazzucato, D. Saxon, R. Settles
  4. Collider-experiment interface; backgrounds, masking etc.
    Conveners: N. Holtkamp, M. Leenen, O. Napoly
A consensus is growing in the worldwide HEP community that the physics programme of a linear e+e- collider would complement the ongoing pp programme of the LHC. As a result of an intercontinental collaboration towards the realisation of the linear collider, conceptual design reports are in preparation in the USA and in Japan. They are expected to appear at the end of 1998. The purpose of the joint ECFA/DESY workshops is to match the intensive work on the conceptual designs for the TESLA and S-band accelerators with a conceptual detector design. This study will draw on the results of previous physics studies done in Europe and elsewhere in preparation for the LCWS workshops, in Finland, in Hawaii and at Morioka, Japan, September 1995.

Organising committee:
L.Mandelli (Milano, chair), G.Coignet (LAPP, Annecy), M.Danilov (ITEP, Moscow), E.Fernandez (Barcelona, new chair of ECFA), K.Gaemers (NIKHEF), L.Joensson (Lund), M.Leenen (DESY), D.J.Miller (U.C.London), A.Wagner (DESY)

All interested physicists - theoretical and experimental - are invited to attend.

- First workshop: Frascati, 5-6 February 1996
- Second workshop: U. C. London, 4-6 July 1996
- Third workshop: MPI Munich, Sept. 16-17, 1996
- Final worskhop: DESY, 20-22 November 1996.