Conceptual Design Report of a 500 GeV e+e- Linear Collider with Integrated X-ray Laser Facility

DESY 1997-048
ECFA 1997-182
R. Brinkmann, G. Materlik, J. Rossbach, A. Wagner

Chapter 1: Particle Physics
Chapter 2: Detector for the Linear Collider
Chapter 3: TESLA Linear Collider
Chapter 4: S-Band Linear Collider
Chapter 5: A Superbrilliant X-ray Laser Facility
Appendix A: Second Interaction Region for gamma-gamma and e-gamma Collisions
Appendix B: ELFE@DESY: An Electron Laboratory for Europe at DESY

Chapters 1 and 2 are obtainable as gzipped postscript files

Chapters 3 and 4 are obtainable divided into sections as postscript and gzipped postscript files:

For Chapter 5 please refer to:

Appendix A and B are obtainable as gzipped postscript files:

For those, who are only interested in parts of the detector chapter:

Chapters 1 ("Particle Physics") and 2 ("Detector for the Linear Collider") of the CDR were prepared in a Joint ECFA/DESY Study "Physics and Detectors for a Linear Collider"

Organizing Committee:

L. Mandelli (Milano, chair), G. Coignet (LAPP, Annecy), M. Danilov (ITEP, Moscow), E. Fernandez (Barcelona, chair of ECFA), K. Gaemers (NIKHEF), L. Joensson (Lund), M. Leenen (DESY), D.J. Miller (U.C. London), A. Wagner (DESY)

The work was performed in four working groups:

  1. Physics (including e+e-, real gamma gamma and e-gamma); benchmark processes and generators.
    Conveners: J.-F. Grivaz, T. Sjoestrand, P. Zerwas
  2. Detector concepts; B field, hermeticity, tools, simulation etc.
    Conveners: M. Martinez, D.J. Miller, M. Piccolo
  3. Detector subsystems; vertexing, calorimetry, triggers etc.
    Conveners: M. Mazzucato, D. Saxon, R. Settles
  4. Collider-experiment interface; backgrounds, masking etc.
    Conveners: N. Holtkamp, M. Leenen, O. Napoly

In the framework of this Joint ECFA/DESY Study four Workshops were organized at Frascati, London, Munich and finally DESY.

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