A Space Charge Tracking Algorithm


The ASTRA program package can be downloaded free of charge for non-commercial and non-military use. Dissemination to third parties is illegal. DESY reserves copyrights and all rights for commercial use for the program package ASTRA, parts of the program package and of procedures developed for the program package.

DESY undertakes no obligation for the maintenance of the program, nor responsibility for its correctness, and accepts no liability whatsoever resulting from its use.

ASTRA executables are available for different system platforms, but they cannot be maintained to the same level on the different platforms. The recommended platforms are LINUX 64 Bit and Windows.

Astra documentation March 2017


     Utility programs

Astra for 64 Bit LINUX

Astra for Windows

Astra for Macintosh OSX



Outdated (not maintained anymore)

Astra for 32 Bit LINUX

Astra for 32 Bit Macintosh

Astra for HP

Astra for SUN



Author:      Klaus Floettmann



                   22603 Hamburg






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