Release Notes

Current Release is 0.8.

Changes in release 0.8:

Changes in release 0.7:

Changes in release 0.6:

Changes in release 0.5:
Changes in release 0.4:


The current version is a tar.gz file containing the script and a config file where the database access can be configured.



Option Default Description
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help   show this help message and exit
-o FILEN, --output=FILEN /tmp/chimera-dump-<date> Name of outputfile, bz2 will be added in any case, xml when -a is not specified
-s PAT, --string=PAT string which should always be in the Path like /data/atlas/atlasmcdisk, this will filter the output to paths where the string is contained, no wildcards used. IMPORTANT: Don;t use the / right before the filename, this is not stored and you won't find any file if you state it
-v VO, --vo=VO  None Name of vo: just for xml file
-a, --ascii output in text, if not present output will be xml
-c, --check dump <dump|checksum|pool> will give the size|cheksum|pool-location info for all files found
<NoP|Mpools|Spools> will search for files <without any|with multiple|with single> location on pools
<disk> will give all files on the pool matching the given PAT with -s
-g use gzip instead of bzip2 as compression