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Jörn Kersten

Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics at the University of Bergen (Department of Physics and Technology)

Phone: +47-555-82700
Email: joern.kersten AT uib.no

Office: Allégaten 55, Room 309

Smail: Department of Physics and Technology
University of Bergen
Postboks 7803
5020 Bergen

Research Interests

Students Wanted


Citations: List and Summary from INSPIRE

Diploma Thesis

Renormalization Group Evolution of Neutrino Masses

Ph.D. Thesis

Quantum Corrections to the Lepton Flavour Structure and Applications

(In the group of Prof. Manfred Lindner at the Physics Department of TU München)

My Former Junior Research Group “SUSY Phenomenology - From the Early Universe to the LHC Era” in Hamburg

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