DESY workshop on Monte Carlo Generators for HERA Physics

List of Monte Carlo Programs

Last update: April 1, 2005         

ARIADNE A program for simulation of QCD cascades implementing the color dipole model.
AROMA Heavy quark production in boson-gluon fusion using full electroweak LO cross-sections (with quark masses) in ep collisions, DIS and photoproduction. Parton showers and Lund hadronization gives full events.
CASCADE CASCADE is a full hadron level Monte Carlo generator for ep and pp scattering at small x build according to the CCFM evolution equation. It is applicable in ep to photoproduction and DIS, and for heavy quark production as well as inelastic J/ψ.
COMPTON Event generator of quasi-real QED Compton events in ep collisions. Several packages for the simulation of the hadronic final state are interfaced to the program.
DIFFVM DIFFVM is a program to simulate soft diffractive processes in ep collisions in the framework of Regge phenomenology and the vector meson dominance model. It includes a detailed simulation of the diffractive dissociation of the proton.
DIPSI A Monte Carlo generator for elastic vector meson production in charged lepton-proton scattering. The source code is here
DISENT DISENT is a program for (1+1)- and (2+1)-jet events in deep inelastic scattering in NLO.
DISASTER DISASTER is a program for (1+1)- and (2+1)-jet events in deep inelastic scattering in NLO.
DJANGO Interface between HERACLES (QED corrections to order αQED) and LEPTO/ARIADNE (QCD matrix elements and parton showers/colour dipole radiation) to give complete ep events.
EPJPSI EPJPSI is a program to simulate elastic and inelastic vector meson production in photo production and deep inelastic scattering.
GRAPE-Dilepton  This program is an event generator for dilepton production in ep collisions. It is based on exact matrix elements calculated automatically by GRACE. The program is interfaced to PYTHIA to generate a complete final state.
HERACLES  NC and CC ep interactions (using parameterizations of structure functions or parton densities) with radiative corrections: single photon emission from the lepton line, self energy corrections and the complete set of one-loop weak corrections can be included.
HERWIG General purpose generator for Hadron Emission Reactions With Interfering Gluons; based on matrix elements, parton showers including colour coherence within and between jets, and a cluster model for hadronization.
HITVM A Monte Carlo program of calculations of Forshaw and Ryskin for diffractive vector meson production using a gluon ladder in pQCD using BFKL formalism.
JETSET The Lund string model for hadronization of parton systems.
JETVIP NLO program for calculating one and two-jet cross sections for electron-protron and electron-positron collisions. The virtuality of the photon emitted by the electron can be chosen in a continuous region, ranging from on-shell photons (photoproduction) up to very large virtualities (deep inelastic scattering region). The program enables the calculation of the direct and resolved photon processes in NLO QCD. Special attention is given to the resolved virtual photon component.
JBFKL A Monte Carlo generator for J/ψ meson production by off-shell gluons (get the program source here).
LDCMC A program which implements the Linked Dipole Chain (LDC) model for deep inelastic scattering within the framework of ARIADNE. The LDC model is a reformulation of the CCFM model.
LEPTO Deep inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering based on LO electroweak cross sections (incl. lepton polarization), first order QCD matrix elements, parton showers and Lund hadronization giving complete events. Soft colour interaction model gives rapidity gap events.
LPAIR This event generator is devoted to the process of electromagnetic production of lepton-pairs in lepton-lepton, lepton-hadron or hadron-hadron interactions via the two-photon process.
MAJOR Production and decay of heavy Majorana neutrinos in ep collisions, via mixing or exchange of righthanded W-bosons. Parton showers and Lund hadronization added to give complete events.
MEPJET NLO Monte Carlo program to study jet cross sections for arbitrary jet algorithms and arbitrary event shapes in deep inelastic e- p and e+ p scattering.
Generator for Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) processes based on formalism of Generalized Partons Distributions (GPD) evolved at Next Leading Order (NLO).
NLOLIB Common library for pQCD NLO programs. The documentation is included: ps.gz.
PHOJET Multiparticle production in high energy hadron-hadron, photon-hadron, and photon-photon interactions (hadron = proton, antiproton, neutron, or pion).
POMPYT Diffractive hard scattering in pp, γp and ep collisions, based on pomeron flux and pomeron parton densities (several options included). Also pion exchange is included. Parton showers and Lund hadronization to give complete events.
HERWIG for diffractive interactions.
PYTHIA General purpose generator for e+e-, pp and ep interactions, based on LO matrix elements, parton showers and Lund hadronization.
QCDINS QCDINS is a Monte Carlo package for simulating QCD-instanton induced scattering processes in deep inelatic lepton-nucleon scattering. It is designed as an `add-on' hard process generator for the Monte Carlo generator HERWIG. Optionally, an interface to JETSET is also available for the final hadronization step. This allows an examination of the effects of different hadronization schemes on the instanton-induced final state.
RAPGAP A full Monte Carlo suited to describe deep inelastic scattering, including diffractive DIS and LO direct and resolved processes.
RIDI A Monte Carlo generator for inelastic diffraction dissociation of virtual photon in ep scattering, based on a model by M. Ryskin. Transverse and longitudinal cross sections are simulated. Processes implemented: ep -> epX with X = q+qbar or X = q+qbar+gluon. Fragmentation and parton shower done with JETSET. The source code is here
SUSYGEN 3  Event Generator for SUSY processes in e+e-, μ+μ-, ep and pp collisions. In ep collisions, it allows the simulation of the resonant production of R-parity violating squarks undergoing any (direct or cascade) decay. SUSY processes at hadronic colliders are not included in this pre-release of SUSYGEN 3.
WABGEN An event generator for the simulation of elastic and inelastic wide angle bremsstrahlung, including the simulation of the complete final state.

Programs for calculating diagrams:

COMPHEP  The CompHEP package was created for calculation of multiparticle final states in collision and decay processes. The main idea in CompHEP was to enable one to go directly from the Lagrangian to the cross sections and distributions effectively, with a high level of automation. For a short description of updates see here.
GRACE Grace system.
MadGraph  MadGraph automatically generates postscript Feynman diagrams and Fortran code to calculate arbitrary tree level helicity amplitudes by calling HELAS subroutines.


HZTool The package consists of a set of routines allowing to compare published HERA data to Monte Carlo generator predictions. It contains most of the data available on the hadronic final state in DIS and photoproduction from H1 and ZEUS. It is currently beeing extended to contain also data from γγ collisions at LEP. Its development began within the 1995/96 workshop `Future Physics at HERA'. The manual is available as ps.gz or as pdf.
Web interface for automated data comparisons for High Energy Physics. Based on HZTool.
Object-oriented framework for running Monte Carlo programs for High Energy Physics.
LHAPDF  Les Houches Accord interface for Parton Density Functions to enable the usage of PDFs with uncertainties in a uniform manner. Successor of PDFLIB.
PDFLIB Nucleon, Pion and Photon Parton Density Functions and αs calculations.