HERA and the LHC

A workshop on the implications of HERA for LHC physics
CERN - DESY Workshop
12 -16 March 2007
DESY Hamburg

latest update February 14, 2007

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HERA - LHC workshop 2004 - 2005
HERA - LHC workshop 2006


Meetings - agenda and presentations:

Agenda for DESY March 12-16 2007

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Organizing Committee:

DESY: Hannes Jung (DESY/Lund, chair), J. Blümlein (DESY), Max Klein (DESY), Elisabetta Gallo (INFN), Claude Vallee (CPPM)

CERN : A. De Roeck (CERN, chair), G. Altarelli (CERN), K. Eggert (CERN), M. Mangano (CERN),G. Polesello (INFN/CERN), A. Morsch (CERN), M. Botje (Nikhef), O. Schneider (EPFL)

Parton density functions

Multi-jet final states and energy flows

Heavy quarks (charm and beauty)


MC tools

Talks and articles about the HERA - LHC  workshop:
Hannes Jung - Summary of 2nd HERA and the LHC workshop DESY seminar 15. June 2006 ( ppt, pdf)
David d'Enterria -
Low-x QCD physics from RHIC and HERA to the LHC (hep-ex/0610061) talk presented at HERA-LHC workshop, June 2006

Background and Aim:

The impact of measurements made at HERA, present and future, on the physics of the LHC is potentially large. However, this potential is currently not as well explored as e.g. the more obvious connection between the Tevatron and the LHC.

The most obvious area of impact is in the determination of proton structure from very low to very high x, which is measured precisely at HERA. Others topics include QCD production of heavy flavors and the study of multi-jet final states, energy flows and structure of underlying events. A unique feature of HERA is the photon, which, depending upon its virtuality, can be hadronic or point-like, enabling to effectively turn on and off the internal structure of one of the beam particles. Finally, the area of diffractive and forward physics, where HERA data have made a large impact in the last decade, is of growing interest to LHC experimentalists as a window on high density and low x QCD and as a search channel for new physics.

Time plan and organization:

The HERA - LHC workshops will be held yearly, the meeting 2007 is at DESY, the meeting 2008 is at CERN.

Presentation of results:

We will have proceedings, with a summary report from each working group and individual contributions. The proceedings will be printed and published electronically.