BCGS intensive week

Measurements with a pixel telescope


 BCGS intensive week - Measurements with a pixel telescope

Advanced Topics in High Energy Physics

30. August -3. September 2021, Physikalisches Institut
Intensive Week

This course will be of interest for students beyond their bachelor, students who start their master project soon, and Ph.D. students from other fields of physics who wish to broaden their horizon. We will discuss particle detectors as mostly used in particle physics with focus on silicon tracking detectors. A pixel telescope is a broadly used tool to investigate newly developed particle detectors at test beams such as ELSA, DESY or CERN. The course is a combination of lectures on the main topic and practical hand-on studies around a pixel telescope. These include lab tests with a CMOS sensor, data analysis of data taken at the CERN test beam with a pixel telescope, and simulations of tracks in a pixel telescope. An overview of important parameters for detector testing will be given and some of them studied in laboratory tests. The week is scheduled for 30.8-03.9.2021 hopefully avoiding clashes with examination weeks .  In case the Corona situation does not allow an in-person course at the Physikalisches Institut in Bonn, an all-online course will be offered.

Team: Simon Spannagel (DESY), Keerthi Nakkaklil (Uni Bonn), Adriana Simancas (DESY/Uni Bonn)

While following these lines, particular emphasis is given to

Of course, not all topics can be addressed to depth within one week. Thus, an effort is made that students will receive an overview and understand the most important concepts. The course is an all-week seminar starting on Monday morning of the selected week. In case the Corona situation does not allow an in-person lab course, an all-online version of the course will be offered. We developed tasks which can be done in small teams (using breakout rooms in Zoom) working on virtual boxes. Real test beam data will be analyses as well as systems simulated using MonteCarlo simulation tools. 

Registration: To take part please register on eCampus:   before August 20, 2021. 

Receiving credit points

Students who wish to receive course credits (3 CP) also need to register on BASIS! Registration opens on April 15th until end of August 20th 2021.

Form of Testing and Examination: Written reports on the lab results. Students who would like to obtain course credit for the intensive week will be asked to write a report on the results of the lab course and submit a week after. Please contact gregor"at" if you have any questions. The course can also be taken without course credit.