Guido Altarelli Award 2021

The 2021 prize ceremony was held on online 16th April 2021, during the online DIS2021 workshop. It was awarded:
  • for theory, to Eleni Vryonidou (Manchester)
    "for seminal contributions to precision collider phenomenology, specifically in the development of the effective field theory approach"

  • for experimental physics, to Benjamin Nachman (LBNL)
    "for precision measurements of observables sensitive to jet substructure and use of innovative machine learning techniques"
2021 Winners

2021 Winners

DIS2021 page with Announcement , Award presentation, CERN Courier with announcement (page 31)

Theory 2021 Award

Presentation at the award ceremony , Picture

Eleni Vryonidou

Eleni Vryonidou
(Credit: J.R. Gaunt)

Experimental 2021 Award

Presentation at the Award ceremony, Picture

Ben Nachman

Ben Nachman
(Credit: Max H. Liu)

The members of the selection committee in 2021 were:

The 2021 award was kindly sponsored by: