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Who he is and what he does

He was a member of the computer center staff and responsible for the central UNIX login including the xwindow and xterminal support. He took care of the AIX and HP-UX machines and other miscellaneous system support like equipment database, highly available systems, installation tools and installation management. He has been competent for central services like printing, WWW, user registration and the NIS/YP data bases. He supports batch processing in the BIRD and NAF systems and cares for virtualization of networking and hosts. The latter includes configuration and design of highly available web services on an F5 switch with "layer 7 routing".


Project: UNIX and X11 Support, Batch Processing and Virtualization

Plan: ...

How to get in touch with him

You could reach him by email to

You could call him at extension 2753.

Or visit him building 2B, room 009a (UG 1 southpole)

A piece of history

He was working for DESY since 1985.
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Another piece of history about the World Wide Web (WWW)

This was the first WWW page at DESY and of Germany. The related WWW server was configured remotely during a meeting at CERN onto a Apollo Domain machine. It was end of September in the year 1992. This is an excerpt of the coding in HTML, the Hyper-Text-Markup-Language: :

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More Infos on the Creation

Further info can be found at CERN as
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Work for the Audio Engineering Society

Paper Number: 2194 AES Convention: 77 (March 1985): Interfacing Electronics and Transformers
Paper Number: 2759 AES Convention: 86 (March 1989): 'M'-A Proposal for a 'Musical Instrument Remote Control Language'

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