Dark Matter Visitor's Program

DESY Theory Group, February 25 - 29, 2008

ENTApP visitor program at DESY Hamburg

We invite theorists interested in Dark Matter and related Early Universe Cosmology to take part in a one-week program. The Visitor Program will be followed by the ENTApP Annual Meeting, also taking place here in Hamburg.

Our aim is to bring together physicists with common scientific interests for discussions and collaborations. There will be no intense programme of talks, like at conferences or workshops. Rather, every day we will hold one or two informal presentations on a selected topic which will be led by one or more experts in the field, and will be meant as an occasion for an extended discussion. Young participants are especially welcome.

Similar programmes have already been held at CERN in January/February 2005, at SISSA in October 2005 and again at CERN in March 2007 .


Application (Deadline is January 15th)

There will be no registration fee. Some amount of funding for ENTApP members will be available. Those who would need some financial support should send us an email.

Local Organizing Committee: Laura Covi, Alejandro Ibarra and Leszek Roszkowski

Registration (Deadline is January 31st)

There will be no registration fee, but if you would like to participate, please register sending an e-mail message with "Subject: ENTApP Visitor Program 08" and the usual informations (Name, Title, Institution, etc..) to the DESY Theory Secretary.


We have a block reservation for the DESY Hostel until the end of January. If you like to reserve a room there, please use the webform at DESY Hostel or send an e-mail to hostel@desy.de, specifying in your booking request that you are coming to the ENTApP Visitor Program. Other accomodation in the area can be found here, Hotels near DESY.

List of Participants

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