Camilo Garcia Cely
DESY Theory Fellow

Talks given at seminars, conferences and scientific meetings
    Workshop: Long-lived particles at Belle II
    «Inelastic Dark Matter and a Dark Higgs » [slides]
    Invited talk
    10 December, 2020.
    Online event

    New Trends in Dark Matter
    «Inelastic Dark Matter and a Dark Higgs » [slides]
    Invited talk
    7 December, 2020.
    Online event organized by the ICTP - SAIFR

    • MOCa workshop, 2020
    «Bound states and dark matter» [slides]
    Invited talk
    7 October, 2020.
    Online event

    • Conference: Cosmology in Colombia, 2020
    «The CMB as a detector of high-frequency gravitational waves » [slides]
    Invited Talk
    24 September 2020.
    Online event

    • Quantum Universe Day
    «The CMB as a detector of high-frequency gravitational waves » [slides]
    23 June 2020.
    Hamburg, Germany

    Theory seminar at University of Oslo
    «Bound states and dark matter» [slides]
    Invited talk
    4 March, 2020.
    Oslo, Norway

    Colloquium at the TU München
    «Self-Interacting dark matter. Status and perspectives » [slides]
    Invited talk
    3 February, 2020.
    Munich, Germany

    Invited seminar talk at RWTH Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology
    «Describing dark matter interactions by means of the effective range theory » [slides]
    28 November, 2019.
    Aachen, Germany

    Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP) 2019
    « New avenues for Self-Interacting Dark Matter » [slides]
    11 September, 2019.
    Toyama, Japan

    Invited seminar at The Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics
    «Spin-2 Self-interacting Dark Matter » [slides]
    12 August, 2019.
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Strong-DM 2019
    «Effective-range approach for dark matter self-scattering »
    Invited talk
    5 August, 2019.
    Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics
    Vienna, Austria

    Beyond General Relativity, Beyond Cosmological Standard Model
    « Strong gravitational radiation from a simple dark matter model » [slides]
    Plenary talk
    1 July, 2019.
    Warsaw, Poland

    Planck Conference 2019
    « New avenues for Self-Interacting Dark Matter » [slides]
    3 June, 2019.
    Granada, Spain

    Cosmología en Colombia, CoCo meeting
    «Dark matter phase transitions and gravitational waves » [slides]
    Invited talk
    31 May, 2019.
    Bogotá, Colombia

    Invited seminar at the Max Planck for Nuclear Physics
    «Recent ideas for models of self-interacting dark matter » [slides]
    27 May, 2019.
    Heidelberg, Germany

    • Invited seminar at INFN, Frascati
    «Neutrino Lines from Dark Matter » [slides]
    5 December, 2018.
    Frascati, Italy

    TeV Particle Astrophysics 2018
    « Gravitational waves from spin-1 Dark Matter » [slides]
    27-31 August, 2018.
    Berlin, Germany

    • Invited seminar at Deutsches Electronen-Synchrotron (Zeuthen)
    «Probing multi-TeV Dark Matter with gamma-ray and neutrino lines » [slides]
    4 May, 2018.
    Zeuthen, Germany

    Dark matter, neutrinos and their connections (DAνCo) [slides]
    « Dark matter indirect detection with neutrino lines »
    28 August - 1 September, 2017.
    Odense, Denmark

    Self-interacting Dark Matter Workshop.
    « From spin-1 to spin-2 SIMPs » [slides]
    31 July - 4 August.
    Invited talk
    Niels Bohr Institute. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Dark Side of the Universe 2017 [slides]
    « Neutrino lines from dark matter »
    10-14 July, 2017.
    Institute for Basic Science (IBS). Daejeon, South Korea

    • Invited seminar at the Max Planck Institute for Physics
    « Neutrino lines from Dark Matter » [slides]
    9 June, 2017.
    Munich, Germany

    Recontres de Moriond 2017 [slides]
    «Self-interacting dark matter for solving small scale problems»
    18-25 March, 2017.
    La Thuile, Aosta valley, Italy

    • DESY theory workshop 2016 «Rethinking Quantum Field Theory»
    27-30 September, 2016.
    DESY. Hamburg, Germany

    • TeV Particle Astrophysics 2016
    12-16 September, 2016.
    CERN. Geneva, Switzerland

    • Xth Conference on the Interconnection between Particle Physics and Cosmology, PPC
    11-15 July, 2016.
    ICTP. São Paulo, Brazil

    • Conference Gamma Rays and Dark Matter
    7-11 December, 2015.
    Obergurgl, Austria

    • Seminar Universität Bonn
    15 November, 2015.
    Bonn, Germany

    • International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics
    7-11 September, 2015.
    Torino, Italy

    • Astrophysical probes, Laboratory tests, and Theory aspects (DARK MALT 2015).
    14-27 February, 2015.
    Munich, Germany

    • TeVPA/IDM Conference
    23-28 June, 2014.
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Seminar Université Libre de Bruxelles
    31 October, 2013.
    Brussels, Belgium

    • Dark Side of the Universe 2013. IX International Workshop
    14-17 October, 2013.
    SISSA. Trieste, Italy

    • Workshop «Cosmic-Rays and Photons from Dark Matter Annihilation: Theoretical Issues»
    28 June- 2 July, 2013.
    Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics. Mainz, Germany

    • Planck 2013
    20-24 May, 2013.
    Universität Bonn. Bonn, Germany

    • DESY theory workshop 2012 «Lessons from the first phase of LHC»
    25-28 September, 2012.
    DESY. Hamburg, Germany