Unfolding: papers and talks

The first paper by the Charm collaboration about their neutral current neutrino experiment is the first publication, where the unfolding program RUN has been used. Further papers are: Physics Letters 109B, p. 133; Physics Letters 128B, p. 117; Physics Letters 213B, p. 554. Because of the difficult experimental condition in this experiment the unfolded variables (scaling variables) are different from the variables measured in the experiment (hadronic energy, distance of interaction point from beam axis, shower angle). The unfolding method is described in a Lecture at the 1984 CERN Computing School. A program manual was written in 1996. Since that year no further development was made on the F77 program. During the last years the program was converted to C++ by Natalie Milke (TU Dortmund).

A further study on Unfolding was presented at the 2002 Durham PHYSTAT Conference on Adcanced Statistical Techniques in Particle Physics. There is a long version, contributed to the conference, and a short version for the proceedings. The study is an attempt to include the statistical uncertainties of the MC response matrix calculation in a maximum likelihood fit.