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3.18. LiDIA Version 1.1

LiDIA, A library for computational number theory, Version 1.1
LiDIA is a C++ library for computational number theory which provides a collection of highly optimized implementations of various multiprecision data types and time-intensive algorithms. LiDIA is developed by the LiDIA Group, at the Universit"at des Saarlandes.
The current version includes the following data types:
bigint                    integer arithmetic
bigmod                    modular integer arithmetic
bigrational               rational arithmetic
bigfloat                  real arithmetic  (including Pi, E, exp, log,
			  sqrt, sin, cos, ...)
bigcomplex                complex arithmetic
bigint_matrix             linear algebra over the integers
lattice_basis             lattice  reduction  algorithms (variants of
			  the LLL algorithm for doubles, bigints and
lattice_gensys            algorithms for finding lattices from
			  generating systems
rational_factorization    arithmetic with factorizations of integers
			  (Trial Division, ECM).
The main features of LiDIA are
The current version runs on
  machine       operating system           
  sparc         SunOS-4.1.x, Solaris-2.3/2.4
  i[345]86      Linux, OS/2, Solaris-2.3/2.4
  Mips R4000    IRIX-5.2, 5.3         
  RS6000        AIX-3.2.5              
  HP9000/7xx    HP-UX9.05             
  DEC alpha     DEC OSF/1            
  Macintosh     (*)                 

  (*) At the moment there is no automatic way to build LiDIA on the
      Mac. We have built LiDIA manually using the CodeWarrior C/C++
      compiler, version 4.5.
LiDIA can be compiled with both AT&T's cfront-3.0.1 and g++-2.4.5, g++-2.5.x, g++-2.6.x and the gcc-2.7.0 compilers. A successful installation using Sun's acc-3.0.1 and RS6000's xLc/xLC compilers has been also reported to us.
For more information on LiDIA, please contact