Emacs C++ Mode

The C++ mode for Emacs editors, called cc-mode (since version 3.229) is a customizable environment to format C++ (and C) code in a consistent way. It is suggested to use this code to ensure homogeneity of the format while leaving details (how to comment, where to put braces etc.) to the author (via customization in the Emacs initialization file .emacs). This Emacs Lisp file should work with all Emacsen available: GNU Emacs, Epoch, Lucid Emacs etc.

This Emacs mode has recently been improved very much by Barry Warsaw. It is still under active development and discussion. The online-help of the current version is available.

An older copy of c++-mode.el is distributed together with the releases for GNU libg++ and Emacs (since version 19)

Where To Get C++ Mode

The latest version of GNU Emacs C++ mode is available via anonymous FTP to archive.cis.ohio-state.edu in directory /pub/gnu/emacs/elisp-archive/modes in file cc-mode.tar.gz . See the header of the file for introduction and installation. A complete TeXinfo documentation for GNU Emacs is in preparation.

C++ Mode Dicussion List

There is an unmoderated discussion list for Barry Warsaw's C++ mode. If there are (undocumented) features you want to know, suggestions or code you want to contribute, or if you only want to follow a (fairly technical) discussion on formatting matters, you should join this list. To do so, send an "add" request to cc-mode-victims-request@anthem.nlm.nih.gov Bug reports and simple questions should be directed to cc-mode-help@anthem.nlm.nih.gov (automatic mailing from within c++-mode with the Emacs command "c++-submit-bug-report").

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Last updated October 25th, 1995
Lutz Lilje