Getting Informed on C++ and OOP

C++ Libraries from various application areas: HEP, Radio Astronomy, Lattice Simulations etc.
Other archives with important resources.
The WWW server of the ATLAS collaboration provides interesting information on Eiffel and reports on the relative merits of Eiffel vs. C++
Booklists, reviews, and bookstores.
Book Examples
C++ Primer Errata and complete source files of S. Lippman's "C++ PRIMER" (2nd edition); there is much more at the Darmstadt archive
See Learning C++.
C++ Class Libraries
Evaluation and Comparison of C++ Class Libraries (Draft, by M. Pace)
"C++ Critique" by Ian Joyner
Coding Style
Rules and Recommendations for C++ programming, by M. Henricson and E. Nyquist [PostScript, ASCII], and the "US Rules and Recommendations" []. See also: The Booch Design Method.
C++ for C Programmers
C++ Annotations Guide.
Event Delivery
"Application of OO Methods to Event Delivery in Experimental HEP", by Shigeki Misawa [PostScript]
FAQ list
Frequently Asked Questions on C++, Libraries, OO, G++, Eiffel, smalltalk, Objective-C.
"Literate Programming" in C++
Samples applying this paradigm to C++ programming.
List of Objective-C classes, sample, and sample program
C++ projects, compilers and classes.
Scientific C++
Scientific Computing with C++, Synopsis of the 1992 SIAM workshop (by U. Rüde). See also: Mini-review of a Book on C++ for scientific and numerical computation
See Learning C++.

Last updated: October 26th, 1995

Lutz Lilje