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XV Workshop

Beyond the Standard Model

March 9 - 13, 2003

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef


The workshop focuses on recent developments in the theory of fundamental particles, the physics of the early universe, and mathematical physics. There will be a 90-minute introductory pedagogical lecture each morning followed by shorter talks by the participants.

The topics and speakers of the pedagogical lectures are:

W. Hollik (MPI München): Electroweak Precision Tests of the Standard Model and Beyond

M. Lindner (TU München): Neutrino Physics - Status and Perspectives

V. Schomerus (Saclay): Strings and Branes in Curved Backgrounds

S. Theisen (AEI Golm): Strings, Gauge Theories and Matrix Models

The price for 4 days' accommodation at the Physikzentrum, including full board is EUR 195 (for students EUR 155) to be payed in cash at the Physikzentrum.

The registration for the workshop is already closed. There is however a waiting list for which you can register here.

The deadline for the registrations is January 31, 2003.

Organisation by Olaf Lechtenfeld, Institut für Theoretische Physik Universität Hannover.

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