String Steilkurs - Part II

"Advanced Topics in String Theory"

8.10 - 12.10.2007

Universität Hamburg & DESY

The course offers five series of lectures on current topics in string theory. Knowledge in Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity and of the basics of String Theory is assumed.

The String Steilkurs 2007 will begin Monday, October 8th at 9:00, and end on Friday, October 12th at 17:00.


     Jan Louis Volker Schomerus, Jörg Teschner
II. Institut für Theoretische Physik  
Universität Hamburg
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg
Theory Group
Notkestraße 85
22603 Hamburg

Applications are possible on-line. Deadline is September 24th, 2007. There is no fee for the course but we cannot reimburse expenses of participants.

There is limited accomodation available on a first come, first serve basis in the DESY guest-house. To register for this, fill in the guest-house registration form. Please enter "Uni-Theorie" in the field for the DESY Group, and explain in the field for additional text that you will be attending the String Steilkurs .

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Funded by the SFB 676 "Particles, Strings and the Early Universe".


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