School Lab Zeuthen

The student laboratory physik.begreifen in Zeuthen was founded in 2004 and offers internship days for school classes and individual students. In addition to our regular offer, we organize various special events such as master classes, holiday courses or MINT camps. Here we work very successfully with our partners such as Netzwerk Teilchenwelt, MINT-EC, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany or the JugendKulturService in Berlin.

Participation in the internships and events is free of charge. However, due to the high demand, a prior binding registration is absolutely necessary.

The student laboratory offers classes in grades 5 to 10 the opportunity to spend a day dealing with the topics of air pressure and vacuum both practically and theoretically.

In the CosmicLab, individual interested high school students have the opportunity to deal with exciting questions of astroparticle physics and to conduct experiments with cosmic particles in project weeks. Pupils will experience how to deal with scientific questions and explain everyday phenomena. Curiosity and interest in the fascinating world of physics will be aroused.

For primary school teachers, advanced training is offered on the topics of air pressure and vacuum. The advanced training gives impulses for the material instruction and for the subject natural sciences. High school teachers have the opportunity to use simple experiments to measure cosmic particles, to learn about data evaluation and to discuss their use in class. The experiments presented can also be borrowed from schools.