The 3D X-ray microscope of superlatives

DESY is developing the ultimate X-ray microscope for nanoresearch with outstanding potential for industrial users and socially relevant applications in energy research, information technology, mobility, environment and medicine.

With PETRA III, DESY operates one of the best storage ring X-ray radiation sources in the world. Research groups from all over the world use the particularly brilliant, intense X-ray light for a variety of experiments - from medical to materials research. But the 2300-metre-long storage ring PETRA has even more potential: DESY plans to expand it into a high-resolution 3D X-ray microscope for chemical and physical processes - the future project PETRA IV.

PETRA IV extends the X-ray view to all length scales, from the atom to millimetres. Researchers can thus analyse processes inside a catalyst, a battery or a microchip under realistic operating conditions and specifically tailor materials with nanostructures. PETRA IV also offers outstanding possibilities and optimal experimental conditions for industry.

On the PETRA IV webpages you will find more detailed information about the research and the construction project. 

PETRA IV - leading in X-ray nanoanalytics
  • Length: 2300 metres
  • Construction of the accelerator within the existing PETRA ring tunnel
  • highest spatial resolution for all X-ray techniques by focusing the synchrotron radiation on the smallest spot
  • closes the resolution gap between 1-10 nanometres (millionth of a millimetre)
  • for the analysis of very small and inhomogeneous samples
  • enables non-destructive investigations for chemical and physical processes and procedures in catalysis, battery research and microelectronics