Cooperations & Institutes

CFEL >>> PIER >>> HZG >>> EMBL >>> UNI Hamburg >>> CSSB >>>

Top-level research is scarcely possible today without networking and cooperation among various institutes, countries and scientific disciplines. DESY too operates within strong networks. Each year, the research centre’s unique facilities draw more than 3000 guest scientists from over 40 countries to Hamburg. To work as closely as possible with DESY, more and more institutions are establishing outstations on the campus itself.

  • CFEL: The Center for Free-Electron Laser Science on the DESY campus in Hamburg is a centre of excellence for science at new-generation light sources that is unique in Europe.

  • CSSB: The new Centre for Structural Systems Biology on the DESY campus in Hamburg is an interdisciplinary centre for infectious diseases reseach.

  • PIER: The strategic Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research strengthens the cooperation between DESY and the University of Hamburg.

  • EMBL: The European Molecular Biology Laboratory maintains a research unit for structural biology at DESY.

  • HZG: The Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht maintains an outstation for materials research at DESY  .

  • University of Hamburg: The DESY campus in Hamburg hosts several of the university’s institutes, which collaborate closely with DESY.