The Superlative Accelerator

Research facility

The superlative Accelerator

PETRA IV will push the current measuring limits of research with X-ray light. The basis for this is a new storage ring technology. At the PETRA IV research facility, DESY will carry this latest technology to the limits of what is physically possible - with the largest accelerator ring for sources of this kind.

In recent years, accelerator concepts have reached a new dimension with the development of "multibend achromat" (MBA) technology. Many small magnets guide the particle beam in the storage ring and thus enable an extremely high quality of the accelerated electron bunches. The larger the storage ring, the better this works.
There, the light in the accelerator can be perfectly focused on the smallest spot. The electrons then emit nearly parallel beams of X-ray light. Ideally, the electron bunches emit a beam of light that is as well focused as the beam of light that a single electron would emit - so that, in principle, all the light hits a spot and the smallest possible X-ray light focus is created.

»The PETRA IV upgrade will enable globally unique research with synchrotron radiation and help Germany remain a leader in this field and advance the international scientific community.«

Excellent beam quality and equipment

PETRA III already attracts thousands of researchers from all over the world as well as industrial companies every year. The new measurement capabilities at PETRA IV will further expand the group of potential users. Right from the initial planning phase, research, industrial projects and the development of key technologies are central strategic components of the large-scale PETRA IV project. The entire facility will be designed in such a way that users will find ideal conditions at the measuring stations to optimally exploit the very high possible measurement capacity and the existing research infrastructure for their projects. Outstanding experimental opportunities will also be ensured through proven collaborations with partner institutions - such as the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, which already operate experimental stations at PETRA III. Likewise, it is planned to establish specialized research and service centers in the immediate neighborhood, to strengthen collaborations with international partners such as the USA, India, Russia and Sweden, and to continue and expand cooperation with local and regional universities.

New Accelerator Technologies

With the conversion of the X-ray light source PETRA III into the 3D X-ray microscope PETRA IV, DESY will continue to live up to its role as one of the world's leading centers for the study of matter with X-rays. In this context, the large-scale research facility PETRA IV and the free-electron laser FLASH with the European XFEL complement each other perfectly in their analysis capabilities. In interaction with interdisciplinary partner organizations, they make Hamburg a unique place for cutting-edge research and innovation. In the long term, PETRA IV will also pave the way for new accelerator technologies. In particular, it is planned to test the future technology of laser plasma acceleration at a pre-accelerator of the facility in real operation.

PETRA IV-Experimental halls

Four large experiment halls will be grouped around the 2300-meter-long PETRA IV storage ring. Here, the synchrotron light will be guided to the measuring stations via the beamlines.