DESY Open Day 2009 – a great day for everyone

The FLASH experimental hall at the Open Day.

At times, the event seemed to be a big funfair. There was a hustle and bustle in the tents and the halls, a lot of people were fascinated by the lectures on research, and the shuttle buses travelling on the campus were totally overcrowded. Many of the 800 helpers did not even have the chance to take a break. No matter how, the DESY Open Day is always something special.

The DESY campus was open to the public for 12 hours. More than 13 000 visitors came to satisfy their curiosity, to broaden their scientific knowledge, or just for fun. They took the chance to witness live research and to get vivid explanations on research at DESY and the partner institutes. DESY had attractive offers for everyone, including gummy bears on the stretching bank, chocolate marshmallows in the vacuum or the superconducting train; good examples to show that science is fun. Enthusiastic faces could be seen everywhere.

In the builder’s yard and the cabinetmaker’s shop, in workshops and in the library, visitors had the opportunity to find out that the accelerator tunnel and science are not the only interesting things at the Hamburg accelerator centre. Of course, the HERA tunnel was again a highlight for many people, with long queues at the gate. At 17:30 h, the new synchrotron radiation source PETRA III was nominated “Selected Landmark” by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the Deutsche Bank.

Tired, but happy, the helpers went home at the end of this day. Once again they managed to convey the fascination of research to the visitors. The Open Day 2009 was a great day for everyone.