Warm-up for PETRA III

PETRA III undulator magnet

The world’s best storage ring X-ray source PETRA III approaches commissioning with rapid strides. In the two kilometres long ring tunnel outside the experimental hall, there are already test runs for the particle accelerator. Sector-wise, each of the nearly 1150 magnets, which align, bend and focus the electron beam, is tested. Under normal operating conditions, all accelerator components are put to the acid test to prepare a successful start of operation next year.

The about 250 million Euros upgrade of the PETRA storage ring to its third stage of expansion included a complete remodelling: To provide maximum availability of the new X-ray source to physicists, nearly all beamline magnets were equipped with new coils, then submitted to optic and magnetic gauge, and built into the tunnel again. The whole 2.3-kilometre-long accelerator was furnished with a new vacuum system and fitted in with an accuracy of a quarter of a millimetre. For the cooling system of the facility, about 30 kilometres of water pipes were installed and 680 kilometres of electric and diagnostic wires were newly mounted. Therewith, PETRA III will be able to start operation next spring. As of 2010, the machine will be available to users for their experiments. (Photo: Babcock Noell, Würzburg)