"Young Investigator FEL Prize" for Michael Röhrs

From left: Samuel Krinski (received the 2008 FEL Prize), Michael Röhrs, Vladimir Litvinenko, chairman of the prize committee

On August 27, 2008, during the International Free-Electron Laser Conference in Korea, Dr. Michael Röhrs received the 2008 "Young Investigator FEL Prize". After a competitive international selection process, the prize is awarded every year to a young scientist "in recognition of outstanding contributions to Free Electron Laser science and technology".

Michael Röhrs was selected for his investigations on the charge distribution within the electron bunches of FLASH at a unprecedented time resolution of 20 femtoseconds. The work was done at DESY as part of his PhD research work at the University of Hamburg. It involves a reconstruction of the multidimensional phase space distribution by tomography techniques, similar to the methods used in medical diagnostics.