15.01.2020 / 17:00 / Hamburg, DESY Bistro, building 9a

Science & Society Initiative at DESY - Public Event

Reflections on the Middle East conflict - Round-table discussion

Public Event

High level generals of Iran and Iraq were killed by drone attack beginning of Jan 2020, leading to a very explosive and dangerous situation. Not only in middle east people are afraid of another war. In the round-table discussion we want to hear from colleagues from different regions how these events are perceived. We will exchange our views and perspectives and discuss how we, with our different background, can deal with this situation. The goal is to share information and experiences among us in a constructive and also self-critical way.

More Information: https://www.desy.de/~jung/SciSo/Public_Events/Entries/2020/1/15_Round-table_discussion_Perception_of_Middle_East_conflict_from_the_perspective_of_different_countries.html