24.09.2019 / 16:00 / Hamburg, building 30b, room 459

Joint DESY and University of Hamburg accelerator Physics Seminar

Modeling and optimization of accelerators with OCELOT

Sergey Tomin (XFEL)

Users beam-time at modern electron-based light sources is an extremely valuable commod-ity. Automatic optimization, free- and model-dependent, is faster and more advantageouscompared to manual tuning. Calculation of electron and photon beam properties are crucialfor machine operation and development. The multiphysics software toolkit OCELOT is used inthe computation of both electron and photon beam properties. In particular, it deals both withmodelling and optimization of accelerators, which are –as discussed above- highly important re-search directions for the overall efficiency of light sources. This talk will review recent progresson the development of OCELOT and its use for simulation and optimization of accelerators.

More Information: http://www-mpy.desy.de/AccPhySemDESY/