Received Paper List

Presently the papers are available only for the speakers. They will become public at the start of the Symposium (see paper exhibition on the third floor). At the end of the conference they will become public also via this page.

PS files of papers should be submitted to "LP97.paper@desy.de"
(preferably as an attachement to the mail)
Copies on paper are also accepted, when no PS files is available
Deadline: 1/7/97
List of Contributed Papers

Plenary Sessions:

1. The Structure of the Photon
2. The Structure of Hadrons
3. Diffraction
4. The Spin Structure of the Nucleon
5. Experimental Aspects of QCD
6. QCD at High Energies
7. Theoretical Advances of Lattice QCD
8. Heavy Quark Coupling to the Z0
9. Heavy Quark Spectroscopy, Oscillations and Lifetime
10. Heavy Quark Decays
11. Tau Physics
12. Theoretical Aspects of Heavy Flavour Physics
13. Precision Tests of the Electroweak Theory in e+e- Interactions
14. Precision Tests of the electroweak interaction from hadron-hadron colliders
15. Review of Top Physics
16. The Status of the Standard Model
17. Unified Theories
18. CP Violation and Rare Decays
19. CP Violation (Theoretical aspects)
20. Searches on New Particles
21. Accelerator Based Neutrino Physics
22. Non-accelerator Based Neutrino Physics
23. Photons in the Universe
24. Astrophysics and Cosmology
25. The Status of String Theories
26. Future Lepton Colliders
27. Future Hadron Colliders
28. Outlook