Information from A to Z for campus Zeuthen

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SAP at DESY (internal)

Salary accounting

Please contact V2/Z


Safety at Zeuthen
Working safety, Radiation protection, Laser security, IT security, First aid

Security guard

The security guard can be reached internally under the telephone number 7100.
For questions regarding security guard service please contact Silvia Rückert (TI).

Seminar room reservation

Seminar room reservation and assignment at DESY in Zeuthen


Overview of the regularly taking place seminars

Shuttle service

Shuttle to Hamburg

Social room

The social room 3P02 is always open and available to all users. It is equipped with a couch and a bathroom.

Speed dialing list

Speed dialing list at DESY in Zeuthen (pdf)

Store catalog

Store catalog at DESY, overview