Coronavirus COVID-19


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Our primary goal is the health of DESY employees, our campus partners and our guests. DESY's Corona Task Force has initiated a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection on the campus while maintaining, albeit reduced, scientific operations.

In principle, work at DESY should be done in a home office and the presence of employees on campus should be reduced to a minimum. Presence on campus may be required for campus-related work, academic or technical training, or personal meetings, for example. When doing so, please be sure to observe hygiene, spacing and masking rules to ensure a safe stay on campus.
All regulations and recommendations
at DESY for handling the Corona virus are summarized in the current version of the Corona Guide.


Who can I contact?

Please send all questions regarding the handling of COVID-19 at DESY to the e-mail address Questions to this address will be processed on weekdays from 8-18 hrs.