Persons who have had contact with a person with a confirmed infection with the corona virus or who have stayed in a risk area designated by the RKI in the last 14 days may not enter the DESY premises in Hamburg or Zeuthen. You are requested to contact the local health authority. Only after a 14-day self-isolation, symptom-free persons can enter the campus. This applies to DESY employees, service providers and guests.

Detailed rules can be found in the DESY Guidelines.

Information on the daily designation of international risk areas can be found on the following website: > Risk areas

If you have stayed on a DESY campus and have any complaints typical of Corona, please contact as soon as possible.

Information for guest scientists

User runs, users

User experiments at PETRA III, and FLASH are running under consideration of the Corona-related safety requirements. More information can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact the User Office (

DESY supports the investigation of the COVID-19 virus characteristics and the development of possible vaccine and treatments. We offer fast-track access to PETRA III beamlines for research related to SARS-CoV-2. If you have any questions, also regarding the operation of PETRA III or FLASH, please contact the User Office (

If you are a DESY user who has returned to your institute after your stay at DESY and finds out that you are infected, please inform us immediately at

Meetings and Workshops

Meetings and workshops may take place with the following regulations:

  • Internal events and meetings should be reviewed for their necessity
  • Events with more than 30 persons will not be held
  • We generally recommend using telephone and video conference tools for workshops and meetings.
  • For internal events with more than 10 persons, participant lists (with e-mail contacts) should be kept.
  • Observe the distance rules.