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Helmets, lightH72
Housing for electronic unitsG60, 61
Housings for earth leakage tripsA66
Housings for motor protection switchgearA64
Housing, smallG59
Housings, (Hensel)A8
Handles, IntermasG49
Handles, MENTORG48
Half round filesI30
Half round needle filesI32
Hammer wedgesI26
Hand unwrapping toolsI14
Hand unwrapping tool for Wire-wrap wireB26
Hand tapsI60, 61
Hand wash pasteM50
Hand pliers for Wire WrapI14
Hemp, fibreK5
Hemp, rollK5
Hard PVC tubeL24
Helicoil thread insertsK68
Helmets, safetyH71
Hensel, MI housings & accessoriesA8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Hirschmann test probesC4, 5
Heatproof clothK5
HammerI25, 26
High tension cableB17
High tension connectors, SHV-NIMC24
Hollow steelL13
Hydraulic oilsH8
Hexagon wrenches (Allen keys)I40
Hexagon socket head cap screwsK45
Heatsinks for integrated circuitsE24
Heatsinks for transistorsE22, 23, 24
Hole punchM8
Hole reinforcersM8
Hole reinforcersM8
Heatshrink muffB62
Hose clipsK26
Holder for noticesH13
Hank nuts + rivettersK69
Hose clipsK26
Hose nipplesK27
Hose connectorsK29
Hoses, pressure & compressed airH24
Hoses, Ursus-plasticK30
Heatshrink muffB62
Heatshrink sleeving, blackB71
Heatshrink sleeving, transparentB70
Hexagon head (coach screws) woodscrewsK38
Hexagon acorn nutsK54
Hexagon materialL11
Hexagon brassL17
Hexagon nutsK53
Hexagon nutsK55
Hexagon halfnutsK51
Hexagon head screwsK39, 40, 41
Hidden bracket setH30
Hose nipplesK27
Heat conducting pasteE26
Heatshrink sleevingB70, 71

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