Work life balance

Work life balance

compatibility of work, private life and family

At both locations, DESY advocates for reconciliation of work and private life and supports corresponding measures. Reconciliation of work and family life is an essential prerequisite for equal employment opportunities for women and men. DESY is a promoter of equal opportunities.

Beruf und Privatleben / Job and family


Working time models

DESY offers various working time models which adequately integrate the operational requirements and the desire of the individual employee to arrange as far as possible working hours according to personal needs. DESY puts into practice family-friendly and flexible working-time models, e.g. part-time, flexitime, job sharing models and home office which create flexible working opportunities.

Family services

DESY offers a family service to its employees including counselling and help to make contacts when child care, elder care, home care or pet care is needed.


A publicly subsidised and independently owned bilingual (German-English) day care centre is located at the main entrance of DESY. It offers a total of 120 places and is run by Kinderwelt Hamburg e.V. Children as of the age of 1 up to elementary school enrolment are accepted. The kindergarten is very popular and there is a waiting list. Please contact the International Office if you would like to register your child.

Parent-child office

With the purpose to promote better compatibility of work and family life, DESY in Hamburg provides a parent-child office on the campus. This room may be used as a rest area for pregnant and breast-feeding women and as a parent-and-child office.


In addition, DESY stages interesting events on campus which you may visit with your children. At certain days during the summer holidays, the physik.begreifen school-lab offers hands-on experiments for children. They can also do experiments on one of the four Saturdays before Christmas while you go Christmas shopping. The traditional Christmas show for the whole family is presented twice shortly before Christmas.