Health management

Safe and sound

Health management at DESY

The goal of the occupational health management is to protect the health of the DESY staff members. In the research centre and on the campus, the employees find many possibilities to get information on health issues, to do sport and to learn about strategies and techniques to relax in everyday work.

The DESY Health Day

Every year, the Health Day at DESY presents a new topic to its employees. Last year, under the Slogan of “Good nutrition at DESY – DESY eats healthy”, the Health Day introduced current knowledge of nutrition medicine and offered help and tips around healthy food – also at work. More than 500 DESY staff members attended talks and workshops, gathered information at the info-booths or took the opportunity for a medical examination.

Exercise break

To remain healthy in the long term and to feel completely well, it is necessary to regularly make invigorating, stretching and relaxing exercises. When the body feels well, thoughts do not circle around discomfort and pain. Your head feels free. This is why twice a week DESY offers the “exercise break”, always with different priorities.

Gymnastics, yoga und sports

Yoga, Pilates, gymnastics or football and karate – DESY caters for all tastes of sports fans! There is also a choir and a guitar group at DESY.


The guideline of occupational health management at DESY is based on the health principle of WHO: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” and on the DESY guidelines of safety and health, evolved from this principle.