Dual Career Network Hamburg + the North

Foto: mediaserver hamburg, Christian Spahrbier

Network Establishment

The Dual Career Network Hamburg + the North was established in May 2019. Senator Katharina Fegebank assummed patronage over the project. There are two Network coordinators, Bettina Assmann (DESY) and Kerstin Bartling (UHH).

Foto: Claudia Höhne

UHH Coordinator Kerstin Bartling, UHH Vice President Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost, Senator Katharina Fegebank, DESY Administrative Director Christian Harringa, DESY Coordinator Bettina Aßmann

Network offers to corporate members:

  • Benefits from the entire resources of our network in Hamburg and northern Germany
  • Consultation and support for dual career clients within your recruiting and forwarding of the candidates’ curriculum vitae to a suitable match form our pool
  • Reinforcement of the international talent recruitment
  • Enhancement of the employee value proposition through becoming a dual career friendly organization and cultivating a profile as an attractive, progressive and family friendly company
  • Establishing contacts and bonds of mutual support and motivation with our corporate members
  • Direct contact to the highly experienced coordinators of the network for guidance in dual career matters
  • Participating in the Dual Career Network assists in employer branding and is of advantage within recruiting issues

Corporate members' contributions to the Network: 

  • Designation of a key contact from your human resources department to act as an ambassador of the Network, this includes internal communication of qualification profiles, enabling of initial contacts
  • Participation of your companies ambassador to an annual Corporate Partners Dual Career Network meeting