Job offers

Job offers

DESY offers challenging tasks in an international setting

For versatile and challenging tasks in an international environment DESY is seeking dedicated employees in the field of natural sciences, engineering and also in the technical and commercial sector.

For our location in Hamburg we are seeking:

Postdoc at Beamline P09

Remuneration Group 13


DESY, with its 2700 employees at its two locations in Hamburg and Zeuthen, is one of the world's leading research centres. Its research focuses on decoding the structure and function of matter, from the smallest particles of the universe to the building blocks of life. In this way, DESY contributes to solving the major questions and urgent challenges facing science, society and industry. With its ultramodern research infrastructure, its interdisciplinary research platforms and its international networks, DESY offers a highly attractive working environment in the fields of science, technology and administration as well as for the education of highly qualified young scientists.

DESY looks back on a long tradition in synchrotron radiation experiments in a wide range of applications and has developed into one of the leading centers in this field worldwide. For high-end synchrotron radiation applications, the 3rd generation source PETRA III is available since 2009 as one of the most brilliant hard X-ray sources worldwide. The resonant X-ray scattering and diffraction beamline P09 at PETRA III is dedicated to the investigation of the magnetic, orbital and/or structural properties of solid single-crystalline compounds using resonant X-ray elastic scattering (REXS) in a variety of low temperature sample environments. In the past 3 years, a set-up was successfully commissioned allowing for high pressure (HP) and low temperature (Low-T) REXS studies on single crystals using commercial diamond anvil cells (DAC) in the hard X-ray range (> 11 keV). We are looking for a highly motivated Post-doctoral Research Associate to further bring up that set up which will imply among other things to commission it with new custom­-designed DACs developed specifically for P09 by partner groups and test and implement different focusing configurations and devices in combination with it.

The position

  • Participation in the instrumental development of the low temperature and high pressure REXS set up at beamline P09 at PETRA III
  • Pursue a research program using the Low-T HP REXS set up at beamline P09
  • User support


  • PhD or comparable qualification in physics, chemistry or material science completed in the last 3 years
  • Experience working with DACs for low temperature applications
  • Experience with single crystal X-ray diffraction
  • Experience working at synchrotron sources
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Good computing skills in python
  • Strong interest in enabling science through the development of state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Ability to work under time pressure, Goal oriented, methodical

For further information please contact Dr. Sonia Francoual +49-40-8998-5728 (

The position is limited to 2 years.

Salary and benefits are commensurate with those of public service organisations in Germany. Classification is based upon qualifications and assigned duties. Handicapped persons will be given preference to other equally qualified applicants. DESY operates flexible work schemes. DESY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women. Vacant positions at DESY are in general open to part-time work. During each application procedure DESY will assess whether the post can be filled with part-time employees.

We are looking forward to your application via our application system:
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