19.09.2019 / 20:00 / Hamburg, DESY FLASH seminar room, building 28c

Lecture of The Brisith Arts Society Hamburg

A Carpet Ride to Khiva

Chris Alexander (Guests welcome)

The lecture will examine the traditional role of carpet weaving and embroidery in the social lives of Central Asian women and how social and political influences led to the decline of textile production. It will focus on the attempt to revive the rich textile heritage of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, using 15th Century designs sourced from illuminated manuscripts of the time and will highlight the challenges involved such as the sourcing of natural dyes from neighbouring Afghanistan.

Mehr Informationen: https://www.theartssocietyhamburg.de/media/files/Poster_2019_09_19_Khiva_carpet-3.pdf