Bjoern Wiik Research Project

The ICSC-World Laboratory invites application for scholarships named in honor of the late distinguished scientist Björn Havard Wiik which will be awarded to young scientists for research and training purposes, in the fields of High Energy Physics, Accelerator Physics and Technolgy, Applications of Synchrotron Radiation and High Performance Computing.

The scholarships are reserved for young scientists, of up to 35 years of age, from Developing Countries who have obtained a university degree equivalent to a master or a higher degree in one of the fields relevant for the projects described below. The scholarships will be granted for one year. They are tenable at the World Laboratory Björn Wiik Research Project at DESY, the German Particle Physics and Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (see e.g. WWW.DESY.DE), in one of the fields of

  • High Energy Experimental Physics, including phenomenological analysis, in conjunction with the electron proton collider HERA and the experiments H1, HERA-B, HERMES, ZEUS, and the astrophysics experiment AMANDA,
  • Accelerator Physics and Technology in particular in conjunction with the TESLA test facility for the development of a high energy superconducting linear electron-positron collider, and of UV and X-ray free electron lasers,
  • Experiments with synchrotron radiation at the Hamburg Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory HASYLAB at DESY with photon beams of 1 eV - 300 keV in the fields of solid state and surface physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.
  • Development of High Performance Parallel Computers and their application in particle and accelerator physics and other basic sciences; this work is based at DESY Zeuthen.

Most activities are performed in the frame of international collaborations.

Applications, stating the topic(s) of interest, full CV and three letters of recommendation, should be sent to:

     World Laboratory Björn Wiik Research Project at DESY
     c/o Prof. Günter Wolf
     Notkestraße 85
     D-22607 Hamburg

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