Ralph W. Aßmann
Development of new accelerator technolgies

Riccardo Bartolini

Riccardo Bartolini
PETRA IV Accelerator

Ties Behnke
Experimental particle physics

David Berge
Astroparticle physics, gamma-ray astronomy

Kerstin Borras
CMS experiment at LHC

Reinhard Brinkmann
Accelerator Physics

Francesca Calegari
Femtosecond and attosecond laser spectroscopy

Henry Chapman
Coherent X-ray imaging

Elisabetta Gallo
CMS experiment at LHC

Christophe Grojean
Theoretical particle physics

Gerhard Grübel
Structural research with coherent X-ray radiation

Beate Heinemann
ATLAS experiment at LHC

Çiğdem İşsever
ATLAS experiment at LHC

Franz X. Kärtner
Ultrafast optics and X-rays

Matthias Kasemann
CMS experiment at LHC

Marek Kowalski
Astroparticle physics and IceCube experiment

Klaus Moenig
ATLAS experiment at LHC

Krisztian Peters
ATLAS experiment at LHC

Martin Pohl
Astro particle physics

Nina Rohringer
Theory of ultrafast processes with X-ray light

Kai Rossnagel
Spectroscopy of quantum materials

Robin Santra
Ultrafast processes in intense light fields

Melanie Schnell
Spectroscopy of molecular processes

Volker Schomerus
String- and quantum field theory

Christian Schroer
Leading Scientist of PETRA III

Christian Schwanenberger
CMS experiment at LHC

Geraldine Servant
Particle cosmology

Holger Sondermann

Holger Sondermann
Structural biology

Andreas Stierle
Structure and properties of nanoscale systems

Kerstin Tackmann

Kerstin Tackmann
Experiments ATLAS and Belle II

Simone Techert
Structural dynamics with ultra-short pulsed X-rays

Georg Weiglein
Elementary particle physics

Hans Weise
Superconducting accelerators

Huirong Yan
Plasma Astrophysics