Kerstin Borras

CMS experiment at LHC

Kerstin Borras is Leading Scientist at DESY and professor for physics at RWTH Aachen.  Her research activities lie in the area of experimental particle physics. She investigated various aspects of the Standard Model of particle physics, particularly special features of the strong interaction, with experiments at the HERA accelerator at DESY and at the Tevatron at Fermilab in the United States. Apart from data analysis the development, construction and operation of detectors is a major aspect of her work. Since the shutdown of HERA she works on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. Studying the collisions of protons with record energies allows new insights into the fundamental laws of the strong interaction and paves the way towards new discoveries, such as the question for the existence of Dark Matter and its potential properties. Kerstin Borras has been head of the DESY CMS research group for many years and is now deputy spokesperson of the CMS experiment.

Academic career

2014-2016 Deputy Spokesperson of the CMS collaboration
2014-2015 CERN Scientific Associate
2008-2013 Head of the CMS group at DESY
2007-2010 Principal Investigator at the Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Group
Since 2006 Research activities, detector and different management tasks within the CMS collaboration
Since 1999 Researcher at DESY
1997-1998 Scholarship for a research stay at the Rockefeller University New York
1992 Postdoctoral at the University Dortmund
1990-1996 Delegation from the University Dortmund to DESY
1987 Diploma at the University Dortmund



Since 2013 Helmholtz Think Tank
Since 2012 Plenary European Committee for Future Accelerators (P-ECFA)
Since 2012 Committee for partical physics in Germany (KET)
Since 2011 Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT)