The Directorate's Office is the central contact office for all affairs related to the DESY Board of Directors. We represent the interface between the DESY Directorate and the divisions of the research centre, as well as special external organizations. We mainly take charge of interdivisional organizational issues.

Responsibilities of the Directorate's Office
  • Central contact office for all matters concerning the DESY Board of Directors
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic cooperations
  • Coordination of Helmholtz Association affairs
  • Coordination of public relations
  • Support of the scientific committees: WR, WA, MAC, PRC and PSC
  • Preparation and follow-up of Board meetings
  • Coordination of visits and events related to the Board of Directors
  • Programme and progress reports
  • Operating figures and statistics
  • Initiative and Networking Fund
  • Support and chair of the DESY room commission