JetViP: Jets with Virtual Photons

JetViP is a computer program for the calculation of inclusive single- and dijet cross sections in eP- and e-gamma-scattering in NLO QCD. The virtuality of the photon, radiated by the incoming electron, can be chosen in a continuous region, ranging from photoproduction to deep inelastic scattering. The various contributions to the full jet cross section, including the resolved photon contributions, are implemented. The calculation is based on the phase-space-slicing method.

Brief Description

JetViP uses standard FORTRAN. The multidimensional phase-space integration is performed with help of the VEGAS Monte-Carlo integration routine. The parton distribution functions (PDFs) from the PDFLIB are used and for the virtual photon PDF the two routines by Schuler and Sjöstrand (SASGAM) and by Glück, Reya and Schienbein (GRS) are used.

When JetViP is executed, the program expects a steering file as input. The steering contains all necessary parameters, specifying the process and the contributions, the initial state, the subprocess and the final state. The program generates events which have to be analysed in a subroutine called user. In this routine the complete event record is available. The output can be stored in hbook histograms, which will be written to the outputfile, which is also specified in the steering.

Program Package and Installation


The JetViP manuals and description of the NLO calculations underlying the program are

For the eP case further references are For the gamma*-gamma case further references are
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