Links to ELAN Low Q2 meeting slides

Date Speaker Content
06_03_03 Alexey Petrukhin Tasks and time estimations
06_03_10 Alexey Petrukhin SpaCal calibration, lumi, control plots
06_03_24 Jan Kretzschmar F2 in H1OO: technical issues, user tree, analysis job
06_04_28 Alexey Petrukhin

Natasa Raicevic
2000 tasks

2005 data- first look. Trigger efficiencies, BPC performance, lumi
06_05_05 Alexey Petrukhin

Natasa Raicevic
Lar calibration, control plots, BDC&SpaCal alignment, BDC efficiency

Link of SpaCal cluster to the CJC track- 2004, 2005 data
06_05_12 Alexey Petrukhin

Natasa Raicevic

Sasha Glazov
BDC and SpaCal alignment, trigger efficiency

More insight in comparison 2004&2005 data samples, first comparison data_MC 2004

Updates of NTuple production code for HERA-II, CIP efficiency, HERA-II alignment
06_05_19 Alexey Petrukhin

Jan Kretzschmar

Natasa Raicevic

Sasha Glazov

Sebastian Piec
BST alignment, trigger efficiency

BST efficiency '06, normalisation '00

Efficiency of L2 trigger, element 19 for 2005

BST and FST performance in 2006

CIP 2000 vertex reconstruction in H1OO
06_05_26 Jan Kretzschmar

Natasa Raicevic
Efficiency of BST in 2006

L2 inefficiency

06_06_02 Peter Kostka

Jan Kretzschmar

Ivana Picuric

Sasha Glazov
FST&BST efficiency, S/N, occupancy, charge asymmetry, pipeline counter in 2006

BST efficiency, coherent loses, tracking, alignment in 2006; s8 studies

L2-19 trigger element efficiency for s9 in 2006, s8 and CIP_T0 efficiency

BST, L2, L4, E/P, topological trigger for s9, efficiency/reduction vs CIP significance

06_06_23 Sergey Gorbunov

Alexey Petrukhin

Jan Kretzschmar

Sasha Glazov
FST&BST alignment

To do lists, BDC efficiency correction, Vertex reconstruction efficiency, MB'99&'00 F2

BST efficiency, BST PAD efficiency

Track link

06_08_18 Sasha Glazov

Jan Kretzschmar

Sebastian Piec

Alexey Petrukhin
CIP T0 efficiency, E-pz tuning, Energy scale check, Track link, Updated control plots

Bulk 2000 in H1OO Progress: Technical status, Run selection, e/HFS treatment, Yield, Control plots

CJC & BST electron finder: I/O, algorithm, Event display

2000 data: status report, BDC efficiency correction, Rbdc shift, Control Plots, c.sections

06_08_25 Jan Kretzschmar

Alexey Petrukhin
BDC efficiency correction, Open radial cut, CIP vertex

2000 data: status report, BDC radius correction, svx00 c.sections

06_09_15 Sebastian Piec

Sasha Glazov

Peter Kostka

Ivana Picuric

Alexey Petrukhin
BST finder, CIP 2000 finder, Combined BST & CJC finder: motivation, algorithm description, preliminary results

Status of 2000 analysis, Status of 2003-2006 high y analysis: data samples, cuts, control plots, L4 cut, fiducial cuts, SpaCal alignment, CIP T0 efficiency, energy scale check, tracking efficiency estimation, systematic uncertainties, cross section

BST & FST status e-p lumi, BST trigger, BST-CJC finder visualisation, Internal efficiency & alignment

S7 trigger efficiency, Reference sample and cuts, H1 trigger setup for s7 and s8

Data samples comparison: MB'99, SVX'00, 2000, H1'97 & ZEUS'97

06_10_06 Andrea Vargas

Alexey Petrukhin
Shifted vtx - BST status, comparison Dortmund-DESY

Data samples comparison: MB'99, SVX'00, H1'97 & ZEUS'97. Status of MB'99

06_10_10 Andrea Vargas

Olaf Behrendt

Alexey Petrukhin
Shifted vtx - BST&BDC half samples, BST/BDC comparison, systematics

BST-BDC errors comparison

'Missing' low y points in MB'99. ZEUS binning for H1 data

06_10_13 Olaf Behrendt

Sasha Glazov

Sasha Glazov

Sergey Levonian
Combination of BDC & BST svtx'00 analyses. Combination of MB'99 & svtx'00. Extraction of lambda and Fl

Draft discussion

Shape method fit to R

Status of offline lumi corrections: lumi determination, trigger shortening effect, improved E-spectrum fit, PD energy scale & acceptance, e-gas background, 1997 & 2000 corrections

06_10_26 Sasha Glazov

Alexey Petrukhin
Data averaging and fits: study of assumptions on correlations, combination of 99/00/97 data, derrivative method of FL

MB'99: internal checks- el./sigma, s0 vs s9. Control plots for paper

06_11_07 Sasha Glazov

Andrea Vargas
Discussion of new draft version (cross checks and fits)

Average of svx00 and mb99 data: correlated/uncorrelated error studies

07_01_24 Alexey Petrukhin

Andrea Vargas
Answers to ref.: MB high y control plots, s0/s9, forward satellite

Answers to ref.: Lumi corrections, MB99 vs ZEUS, high y MB, systematic shifts SVX

07_01_31 Alexey Petrukhin

Andrea Vargas

Sergey Levonian
Answers to ref.: SVX high y control plots, s0/s9, forward satellite '99 and '97, -70cm satellite

Answers to ref.: Move the cross section by 5%, remove ISR points

Table for lumi corrections - page 16

07_02_07 Olaf Behrendt

Andrea Vargas

Alexey Petrukhin
SVX bwd. satellite cross check

Lumi update, SVX-MB-97 average

MB lumi update, 97 fwd. satellite, flat z MC studies

07_03_02 Jan Kretzschmar

Alexey Petrukhin
2000 bulk:L4, E-pz, Binnings, Pilots

2000 bulk:Tagged, BDC-CT alignment, Wgen, Big weights, BDC eff.

07_03_12 Jan Kretzschmar

Alexey Petrukhin
2000 bulk:cs ratios- fortran, OO, esigma methods. Other methods, binnings- resolutions and systematics. Tilt. Cplots with syst. bands. 40cm zv reweighting. L4.

2000 bulk:BDC-CT alignment. GP lumi. Empz syst. Low y cplots. Diff. Pt cuts. Pilots.

07_03_19 Andrea Vargas

Alexey Petrukhin
SVX'00 & SVX'95 comparison, syst. shifts, averaging.

MB'99 & SVX: W plot

07_03_30 Andrea Vargas

Sasha Glazov
MB'99 & SVX: comparison with preliminary data, SVX'00/SVX'95

MB'99 & SVX: Bias estimation in averaging procedure

07_05_04 Sasha Glazov

Jan Kretzschmar

Andrej Nikiforov

Max Klein
Low energy meeting: PP chain, high y specifics

H100 framework

H1Lt framework

2 low energy run scenarios

07_06_13 Sasha Glazov 1995 svx discussion with H1 management

07_06_27 Vladimir Chekelian 1997 T0 talk (scanned)

07_11_07 For Vladimir in London F2 1997 pub. corr. and 2000 fort.

Ratio 1997 pub. corr. to 2000 fort.

08_01_17 H1 members Comments to low Q2 draft

08_11_10 SG, AP El to sigma ratio

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