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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Utility::chi2_structStructure for Chi2 computation
Utility::dataStructure of a data point for B/C, N/O and C/O joint analysis
Utility::data_beStructure of a data point for 10Be/9Be analysis
GalaxyClass containing a general description of the galaxy
InputClass to read user's input
TAstrophysicalSourceClass describing the distribution of astrophysical CR sources
TBFieldDescription of a magnetic field. Only a 2D, smooth magnetic field is modeled here
TBremsstrahlungLossBremsstrahlung energy losses
TConvectionVelocityInitialize Convection velocity
TCoulombLossCoulomb energy losses
TCREvolutorClass for the solution of the transport equation, derived from TCREvolutorBasis
TCREvolutorADIClass for the solution of the transport equation, derived from TCREvolutorBasis
TCREvolutorBasisAbstract class for the solution of the transport equation
TDiffusionCoefficientPosition dependent diffusion coefficient. Part of it independent of the nucleus. Needed coefficient will be restored in TCREvolutor
TDMSourceClass describing the distribution of DM sources of CRs
TEnergyLossGeneral class describing energy losses in DRAGON. Refer to Strong and Moskalenko, ApJ 509 (1998) for formulae
TGalpropXSecClass describing Galprop cross sections, adapted from Galprop. Only selected parts will be documented
TGasGeneral class describing a gas distribution in the galaxy. Can also describe the total distribution of the gas, sumed over all the components
TGridClass to handle kinematics variables and the geometry of the galaxy
TH2GasClass describing the H2 distribution in the galaxy. Derived from TGas
THIGasClass describing the HI distribution in the galaxy. Derived from TGas
THIIGasClass describing the HII distribution in the galaxy. Derived from TGas
TICSLossInverse Compton Scattering energy loss
TInelasticCrossSectionClass containing a description of the total inelastic cross section, used to compute the disappearance rate of CRs
TIonizationLossIonization energy losses
TISRFDescription of Interstellar Radiation Field, according to Galprop model. CMB, IR and starlight are included. See ApJ..
TNucleiListClass to read the nuclei database and compute the list of nuclei to be propagated. Also lifetimes and decay channels are read in the database
TParticleThis class is how the properties of a nucleus, its spatial distribution and energy spectrum are described in DRAGON
TReaccelerationCoefficientPosition dependent diffusion coefficient in momentum space (reacceleration). Part of it independent of the nucleus
TSourceGeneral class describing the spatial distribution of CR sources
TSpallationNetworkClass containing the description of the network of spallation used to compute secondary CR source terms
TSpectrumInjection spectrum of CRs
TSynchrotronLossSynchrotron energy losses
TWebber03Class describing Webber 03 cross sections
TXSecBaseAbstract class for cross sections
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