QCD and electroweak physics

at the LHC

16 – 17 October 2006

DESY - Hamburg

Meetings and Participants:

This is the 2nd workshop on QCD and eletroweak physics in the KET – LHC workshop series. The aim is bring together theorists, phenomenologists and experimentalists to prepare for the physics at LHC.

PLEASE register for the meeting and the tutorial here

The workshop will be followed by a

Tutorial on 18-20 October

for Students, PhD students and young Postdocs.

Program of the Tutorial:

  • Intro to parton densities and factorization, global fits etc

  • Multiple Interactions, underlying events, minimum bias event structures

  • Jet production in LO and NLO calculations, implementations in MCs etc

  • etc

If you are interested, please contact us.