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Subroutine for unintegrated parton densities

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The Small x Collaboration)


The full hadron level Monte Carlo generator for ep and pp scattering at small x according the CCFM evolution equation

The Monte Carlo program CASCADE generates a full hadron event record according to the HEP common standards.

CASCADE is intended for small x processes.
Until now, it uses only gluon chains in the initial state cascade. Different sets of un-integrated gluon densities are available, which all describe HERA F2 data equally well.

NEW (since version 1.2003):

  • unintegrated gluon densities for investigation of scale uncertainties:

    • set A0 (central, with ktcut=1.3 GeV)

      • A-/A+ for renorm scale up/down by a factor of 2)

      • A1 for a differernt fact. scale

    • set B0 (central, with ktcut=0.25 GeV)

      • B-/B+ for renorm scale up/down by a factor of 2)

      • B1 for a differernt fact. scale

  • Higgs production included for pp

last update: 2 Mar 2005, H.Jung