DESY workshop on Monte Carlo Generators for HERA Physics

Working group 40: Non-perturbative QCD                   last updated February 22, 1999

Conveners: Sergei Chekanov (Argonne), Gunnar Ingelman (DESY/Uppsala), Dave Milstead (DESY)
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Members: Alessandro Bertolin (Padova), Adi Bornheim (Bonn), Tancredi Carli (MPI Munich), Sergei Chekanov (Argonne), Jiri Chyla (Prague), James A. Crittenden (Bonn), Benoit Delcourt (Orsay), Tony Doyle (Glasgow), Anders Edin (Uppsala), Peter Fagerstroem (Toronto), Johannes Gerigk (MPI Munich), GŁnter Grindhammer (MPI Munich), Gösta Gustafson (Lund), Holger Ihssen (DESY), Gunnar Ingelman (DESY/Uppsala), Hannes Jung (Lund), Bernd Kniehl (MPI Munich), Alexander Kupco (Prague), Leif Lonnblad (Lund), Dave Milstead (DESY), Jan Okrasinski (Pennsylvania), Frederique Pelucchi (DESY), Johan Rathsman (Uppsala), Andreas Ringwald (DESY), Fridger Schrempp (DESY), Mike Seymour (RAL), Michael Sievers (???), S??? Todorova-Nova (Strassbourg), Daniel Traynor (QMW), Markus Wobisch Aachen()

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Agenda/presentations at meetings: see workshop home page

Aim: To investigate various aspects of non-perturbative QCD in Monte Carlo event generators. This concerns hadronization, proton and photon remnants, possible underlying event, models for soft interactions, QCD instantons etc. There are both fundamental questions (what is the correct/best description of the physics?) and practical ones (does the models/implementations work in comparison to data?).

The start-up meeting in April 1998 identified the following relevant topics: