(=POlarization at Work in Energetic Reactions)

General remarks about our group

First Meeting

The Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (IPPP) at the University of Durham (UK) hosted our first meeting:

Future plans and minutes from the first meeting

  •  machine:

  •     propotype for polarized positrons under work:
        helical undulator at Daresbury, ASTeC, time schedule:  about 3 years
        undulator based positron beams at  SLAC: about 3 years
  •  polarimetry:

  •     polarimetry problem for polarized positrons at prototype; under engaged discussion
        between our polarimetry experts,  first solutions now proposed  (contact -> Peter Schueler)
        close contact between SLAC and DESY needed!
        experience from SLC and new results from HERA provided!
  •  physics:

  •     electron polarization mandatory for LC
        positron polarization needed for 'fixing' of underlying structure of New Physics and Blondel Scheme
        transversal polarization interesting for test of gauge couplings and for probably CP violating
        study of polarized fragmentation functions  for b-quarks  at a LC
        'balance' for pros and cons: David proposed the preparation of a `shooting'
  •  tools:

  •     longitudinal electron and positron polarization included
        transversal polarization still missing
  •  Further proposals: for all topics we should have one person 'in charge', who keeps the group

  •    informed about the news.

    List of outstanding problems

  • Machine

  •    Problems of machine designs; In charge: John? Klaus? Rainer?
       List with problems needed!
       Status of helical undulator; In charge: Jim?
       Status of prototype at 50 GeV; In charge: John?Rainer?
       Problems of polarimetry: solution proposed; In charge: Peter?
  • Theory+Experiment

  •    Theoret. uncertainty  for GigaZ still higher than the possible experimental accuracy
       For all SUSY processes: critical collection of pro's and con's needed
       More and detailed studies for transversal polarization needed
       In charge: Michael for higher orders?
                         Achim for exp. studies?
                         Gudi for SUSY.
  • Tools

  •     In principle: good state for Monte Carlo's
        Implementation  of transversal polarization seems to be no problem!
        In charge: Peter Richardson?

      List of some references


    Other working groups

  •  IP Beam Instrumentation Working Group

  •  Polarized Positron Source Studies at SLAC



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