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Research interests

Hi there! I currently work as a postdoctoral researcher (fellow in experimental physics) with the ALPS experiment at DESY.
ALPS is an experiment of the light-shining-through-walls type, aimed to go into its second phase. We are looking for proposed, but yet undiscovered particles that might exist in nature. For a very basic and short explanation of the concept (in german!) have a look at a older or newer Science Slam video (also on my former research on the Casimir effect. ) Also there is a related article featured by

A nice article on the FUNK (Finding U(1)'s of a Novel Kind) experiment with which we look for hidden photon Dark Matter is featured here: physicsworld

The ALPS seminar (particularly for younger researchers)

I organize an informal ALPS journal club/seminar, with information about dates and subjects in 2014 and 2015 to be found here.
Older Seminars are listed here 2013 and here 2012.

I was also involved in organizing: Dark matter - a light move

Scientific Publications

Via Spires

AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences)

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences AIMS ->
Teaching: In 2013 I teach quantum mechanics  at AIMS  in Ghana with A. Eichhorn,
in 2014 I teach quantum mechanics at AIMS in South Africa in February and November (in February with M.Scherer). Documents for the lecture will be made available here
Since  2015, I belong to the accociate faculty of AIMS in South Africa.