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Klaus Desch
Institut fuer Experimentalphysik
Luruper Chaussee 149
D- 22761 Hamburg

DESY -- building 1d / 39 a
phone -- office +49-40-8998-1921
phone -- private +49-4106-626704
phone -- group secretary +49-40-8998-4867 (Ramona Matthes)
fax +49-40-8998-1812
e-mail Klaus.Desch@desy.de

Some recent talks:

A Detector for TESLA, Graduiertenkolleg, DESY, 23/06/2000
Particle Searches at a Linear Collider, ICHEP2000, Osaka, 29/07/2000
Is there a light Higgs Boson at LEP ?, DESY-Zeuthen, 18/10/2000
Measurement of the Cross Section for WW-Fusion, LCWS2000, Fermilab, 26/10/2000
Extracting Higgs Couplings, LCWS2000, Fermilab, 26/10/2000
Summary of Higgs and SUSY Higgs Session, LCWS2000, Fermilab, 28/10/2000
Is there a light Higgs Boson at LEP ? DESY Seminar, 07/11/2000
Physik mit TESLA, Jahrestreffen der deutschen Teilchenphysiker, Bad Honnef, 24/11/2000
e+e- Physics at 500-800 GeV: The TESLA Project, Freiburg, 16/02/2001
Suche nach dem Higgs Boson bei LEP, Bonn, 26/03/2001
Higgs Boson Precision Studies at an e+e- Linear Collider, Linedrive, Fermilab, 03/05/2001
New Physics at Linear e+e- Colliders, Snowmass, 02/07/2001
TESLA Physics, Korfu Summer School, 09/2001
Mit dem Teilchenbeschleuniger TESLA auf der Suche nach dem Bauplan des Universums, Ringvorlesung, Uni Hamburg , 18/12/2001
Physics at a Linear Collider, Aspen Winter Conference , 07/02/2002
Higgs Physics at Future Colliders, Zurich , 05/06/2002
Mini-Review on Higgs Studies in the ECFA/DESY study, LCWS2002, Jeju, 28/08/2002
Physics Benefits of Positron and Transverse Polarisation, LCWS2002, Jeju, 28/08/2002
Relationship of Hadron and Linear Collider Programs for Exploring New Physics, LCWS2002, Jeju 29/08/2002
Searches for mSugra and related SUSY at LEP, SUGRA20, Boston, 17/03/2003


DESY Summer Student lectures 2002: e+e- Physics Part 1 (Introduction + LEP)
DESY Summer Student lectures 2002: e+e- Physics Part 2 (TESLA)
Herbstschule Maria Laach 2002: e+e- Linear Colliders: Machine + Experiments (15 MB)

Uebungen zur Einfuehrung in die Elementarteilchenphysik WS99/00
Einfuehrung in die Elementarteilchenphysik WS00/01 (K.Desch und T.Carli)
Mathermatische Ergaenzungen zur Physik II SoSe01
Proseminar: Schlüsselexperimente der Teilchenphysik SoSe01
Eichtheorie für Experimentalphysiker WS 03/04

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